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Dangerous Goods Database
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The database

BAM’s Dangerous Goods Database (DGG)

The Dangerous Goods Database is part of a hazardous materials/dangerous goods information system of the Federal Republic of Germany and provides edited and condensed dangerous goods regulations information required for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

Target groups for the DGG are authorities and companies which supervise, plan or perform dangerous goods transportation.

DGG’s history

BAM has been gathering information about dangerous goods in the form of a database since 1982. Data for the material-related design type approval of tank containers provided the core information.

Following a government announcement by the Federal Chancellor, the Government started to develop a pollutant database at the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA) in 1987 and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur, BMVI) joined in this project in the field of dangerous goods transportation. The BMVI thereupon commissioned BAM in 1990 with developing a "demonstration database". This was established by BAM as a part of the dangerous materials/ dangerous goods rapid information system (GSA) of UBA.

In December 1993 the container ship MS Sherbro, loaded with dangerous goods, had an accident off the French coast. The accident made it clear that rapidly available and reliable data must be maintained to enable quick government decisions. As a consequence, the accelerated development of the "demonstration database" was prompted which became DGG.

In 1994 the Government and the Federal States (Länder) agreed to establish a Joint Substance Data Pool of the German Federal Government and the German Federal States (GSBL). According to an agreement between BMVI and BAM, GSBL regularly obtained the DGG data from 1998 onwards.

Since then BAM has provided the free-of-charge "Dangerous Goods - Quick Info" system via Internet. From this application a link to the results of GSBL is set. Also a link from the GSBL to this application is available.

A standalone application (CD ROM) of the DGG Non-radioactive Materials Research was published in 2000, followed by the first Internet application and the first data delivery within the Dangerous Goods Dataservice in 2001.

In addition to the Non-radioactive Materials Research, the Radioactive Materials Module (free of charge) since 2003 as a separate module and the Transport Documents Module since 2005 as a integrated module are available.

Dangerous Goods Database

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